Your Body for God Health Education, month-to-month

Learn to Steward Over Your Health, Naturally, with our Self-Paced, Easy to Understand Classes.

Benefits of this program

Multiply your Energy

Empower your cells to TRANSFORM fuels your eat and fat on your body into energy that makes your cells thrive with boldness and function!

Lose Stubborn Fat

Learn the keys to unlock the ability to release fat and burn it as a fuel, effectively!

Normalize Blood Sugar

Understand the principles of the timing and burning of fuels.  Improve how your cells respond to insulin and overcome insulin resistance!

Lower your Cholesterol

Learn how your body makes cholesterol and why it makes cholesterol.  Understand what you can do to control your body's production of cholesterol so that it serves you rather than hurts you.

Improve Digestion

Learn how to improve all the facets of digestion, absorption, elimination.  Create a healthy digestive environment to control inflammation and immune reactions throughout the body.

Control Inflammation

Inflammation is the common immune reaction behind virtually all disease processes.  Inflammation can even block us from burning fat.  Understand how and why the body inflames, and how to control the fire.

Learn a Strong Health Paradigm

Health and Disease are opposite states, however modern healthcare is focused on disease, symptom and illness management.  Learn to focus on maximizing your health to empower your body to overcome!

Expert instructors

Dr. Tony Ganem is a recognized thought leader in the fields of natural healthcare and functional/holistic nutrition.  He's been fascinated by how the body functions for decades, and his research has uncovered a unique program to help you attain health.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are aren't satisfied with the program, you are welcomed to cancel at any time and forego future payments.  So, you can learn, risk free.

Health-Focused Education, month-to-month

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